Trond (left) and Bjørn
Trond (left) and Bjørn

Car owner and Driver: Bjørn Schage. Bjørn has been a Morgan owner for more than 20 years. He is a practising Veterinarin with Cardiac Medicine and Ultrasound as his specialities. Nowadays he finds himself less and less in the clinic and more and more in the garage.

The first time he heard about The Peking to Paris Rally was i 1997 when another Norwegian Morgan owner, Ivar A. Moe, entered a 1969 plus 8. Sadly, he didn’t finish due to engine trouble, but the chassis, which had been prepared by Trond, did a sterling job.

Bjørn and Trond have done a lot of development work together and a lot of the solutions being used on Frøya they have tried on Bjørn’s other cars.

Bjørn has not had much experience doing car races but he and Trond has done some regularity rallying together the last few years.


Mechanic and Co-Driver: Trond Bråthen. Trond has been repairing Morgans and other (preferably British) cars for nearly 30 years. His wealth of knowledge of these cars has been instumental in Bjørns keeping of up to 5 Morgans at once. They have also done quite a lot of development work together ranging from engine upgrades and improvements to chassis and front and rear suspension.

He started his racing career driving gocart.  He has prepared rally cross cars, Sports 2000, Formula Ford, Formula 3 and numerous Monte Carlo Challenge cars. He has also driven Monte Carlo Historique in several cars.

Trond has worked on Frøya for nearly 18 months now and we believe we have a car that will make it all the way from Peking to Paris. Fingers crossed!