How it all started


Our attendance in the Peking to Paris 2016  is linked closely to the Norwegian Morgan that participated in the 1997 event as it’s current owner together with Bjørn, Trond and some other RoughRiders attended a yearly tour to the Norwegian mountains in March 2014 for some spirited ice driving in our Morgans. Over a beer in the evening there were speculations as to whether there were available spaces for the 2016 event. Wouldn’t it be fun to enter two Norwegian Morgans at at the same time, and one of them doing the rally twice?

After a few weeks we had decided to go ahead with the project, and Bjørn called Phillip Young at the ERA to hear what he had to say about it. There was a long, merry chat about rallying, Monte Carlo, P2P and other, and Phillip even enquired about a Morgan he knew to be in Norway. Was it for sale? At last it transpired that the entry list was full for Bjørn’s preferred class, being the Classic Cars up to 2 litres. “But you can alway send an application and I’ll see what I can do.” He didn’t mention that this involved a £3.000 deposit. Non refundable. Not being one to pass on a challenge, Bjørn made the deposit, and 4 days later the letter arrived: “Welcome Aboard”! Phillip must have wanted that Norwegian Morgan to participate.

The owner of the +8, Alex Vassbotten, wasn’t so lucky, as the Classic Cars over 2 litres class were full with a waiting list. Alex is not the one to despair so he entered an Alvis Firefly 12/70 Special in the Vintageant Class (1931 -41). We’ll still be two Norwegian cars competing in to P2P 2016. And all this due to a beer one friday afternoon in the Norwegian mountains.